MODULE (Shoulder wheel + finger ladder) - EC/1

ec_1 parques_para_mayores_parks_for_elderly. (2)
ec_1 parques_para_mayores_parks_for_elderly. (1)

This equipment allows the user to work on the circumduction of the shoulder, by performing a full shoulder movement and rotation of the scapula.
Its aim is to rehabilitate, maintain or increase the mobility of the shoulder joint and alleviate a range of dysfunctions of the scapula-humeral joint.
Increase the breadth of shoulder movements and exercise the fingers.
It also aims to flex the arms with the elbow extended, and then to perform abduction, thereby improving conditions such as arthrosis or rheumatoid arthritis.
Exercise panel equipped with a shoulder wheel, finger ladder and two information panels explaining how to use them correctly.
Shoulder Wheel: Code EC/1-R
Finger ladder, Code EC/1-E
Exercise panel: 1660 x 1740 x 340 mm.
Description: 2170 x 400 mm.


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