MODULE (Hand wheels + spiral circuit) - EC/3

ec_3 parques_para_mayores_parks_for_elderly. (1)
ec_3 parques_para_mayores_parks_for_elderly. (2)

This item of equipment enables the user to work on arm and shoulder circumduction movement by performing exercises in spirals, as well as by doing elbow stretching exercises in a coordinated manner.
The aims are to rehabilitate, maintain and/or increase the mobility of the shoulder joint, as well as the flexibility of the elbow.
The unit is equipped with a spiral circuit, hand wheels and two information panels explaining how to use them correctly.
Spiral circuit, Code EC/3-C
Hand wheels: Code EC/3-R
Exercise panel: 1660 x 1740 x 410 mm.
Description: 2170 x 400 mm.


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