MODULE (Flexo-extensor + spring + prono-supinator) - EC/2


The prono-supinator and spring enable the user to exercise the upper joints by making prono-supination movements of the elbow and circumduction movements of the wrist.
Its aim is to improve a range of dysfunctions of the upper radiocubital articulation, and to maintain or increase wrist flexibility.
The roller enables the user to work on wrist and forearm flexibility by performing a range of flexo-extension and prono-supination exercises.
Its aim is to rehabilitate, maintain or increase the flexibility of the wrist and forearm.
Exercise panel fitted with a spring, flexo-extensor, prono-supinator and three information panels explaining how to use them correctly.
Spring, Code EC/2-M
Flexo-extensor, Code EC/2-F
Prono-supinator, Code EC/2-P
Exercise panel: 1660 x 1740 x 320 mm.
Description: 2170 x 400 mm.


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