ADAPTED MODULE (Shoulder wheel + finger ladder) - P.A.301


This equipment allows the user to work on shoulder circumduction, performing a complete movement of the shoulder and scapula in rotation.
Its aim is to rehabilitate, maintain or increase the mobility of the shoulder joint and alleviate a range of dysfunctions of the scapula-humeral joint.
The finger ladder enhances the range of shoulder movements and exercises the fingers.
It also aims to flex the arms with the elbow extended and perform abduction; thus improving conditions such as arthrosis or rheumatoid arthritis.
The module comprises a finger ladder, a shoulder-level wheel and two information panels that explain how to use them correctly.
Finger ladder: Code EC/1-E
Shoulder Wheel: Code  EC/1-R
Module: 1683 x 1560 x 330 mm.
Description: 1800 x 400 mm.


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