Terms of use

Ortotecsa guarantees the quality of their items and offer the best conditions for our customers.

All Orders must be in writing, either by post, fax or email.
Ortotecsa reserves the right to modify at any time production materials, specifications and conditions of sale.
Without the consent of Ortotecsa no changes or cancellations in orders may be made already in process.
Ortotecsa reserves the right to charge costs for the cancellation.
No minimum purchase order is required.
For special operations apply a discount for quantity.
The insurance of the goods is NOT included, will be quoted separately if the client / distributor requests it.
If the client / distributor requests a special packaging (wooden boxes, etc), it will be quoted separately.
The Prices do not include installation, pre-installation, commissioning and training. If the client / distributor requests these services, it will be
quoted separately.
If the destination country required documents and / or legalized certificates, these costs will be included in the final bill the customer.
Alone Ortotecsa will assume the bank charges of his own bank. The commissions or the expenses of the bank and / or intermediary
bank of the client / distributor they will be chargeable to the client / distributor.
In case of delay in payment, the payer is required to pay, plus default interest, the costs of delays orReturn Receipt.
When you receive the goods, examine and if some damage is visible, then make the relevant claim to the carrier and notify our office
before 24 hours. Phone: 0034 918 719 132. Outside this period, no refunds relating to transport breakages will be accepted.
Returns after 15 days will not be accepted after delivery of the goods.
Returns will not be accepted without prior agreement between the parties. If authorized, a charge of 25 euros will be made by product
for the expenses.
The optional accessories of the equipments are realized under order, for what they will not admit return.
ORTOTECSA, SL provides a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.
Our warranty includes repair, replacement or exchange of the product and / or components, including labor performed
in our facilities. (Not included the transport of goods).
To effect this warranty, proof of purchase is required (INVOICE).
This warranty does not apply under the following conditions:
• When the use, care and operation of the product have not been made in accordance to the instructions.
• When the product has been used beyond its capacity, abused, beaten, exposed to moisture, assaulted by any
liquid or corrosive substance, as well as any other fault attributable to the consumer.
• When the product has been disassembled, modified or repaired by unauthorized persons.

With Ortotecsa your rights and interests are protected.

You can buy with confidence.


Nº de licencia Sanitaria  1187-PS



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